On June 26th, 2015, the divided Suprme Court finally decided to allow same-sex marriage for the United States. I can honestly say that I was so excited when I heard the news. Years of fighting for equal rights have paid off for so many people! No matter what one’s sexual orientation is, every human deserves the right to be treated equally. The few friends and family I have that are gay are actually some of the most influential people I’ve ever met. One’s sexual orientation is a personal choice, and it doesn’t make them any different from everyone else. We all work, go out, travel, and have fun.  Many issues about this dealt with religion, but at PRIDE CHICAGO, many of the organizations involved were in fact churches! Legalizing same-sex marriage, in my opinion, is a turning point for America. 

Chicago’s 46th annual Pride Parade was yesterday (Sunday), and apparently it was the best one in years. For my first time going, I had an AMAZING time. Streets were filled with excitement! All I saw were people screaming, chanting, singing, smiling, and just having a great time. I’ve never experienced such a positive environment, and it made me so glad to be a part of my community. I appreciate what I have around me. 

I wish I took more photos, but I was having too much fun catching beads and dancing! 


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