I’ve always been a fan of Pura Vida Bracelets. I remember seeing them in cute bowls at the register counter at Pac Sun. One day I googled them and automatically fell in love. Not only did they have many cute, simple bracelets (since I’m a fan of the simple), they also have a large portion of their bracelets supporting charities. At first, I only bought my sister and I matching bracelets just to see how they were overall. When they came in the mail in cute pouches with stickers, I asked, “Why do they feel so weird?” Pura Vida Bracelets are wax-coded to prevent them from wear and tear, especially for those who swim often. After a couple of days, I bought more.

Pura Vida Bracelets sells a variety of bracelets and accessories. My favorite bracelet is the Diabetes Awareness in red and gray. For all charity bracelets, for every $5 spent, $1 gets donated to the charity. Since this is the only bracelet they have supporting diabetes, I bought a few. My family has a history of diabetes, and I felt that it’s something I’d love to support and donate to.

Because of my strong interest in Pura Vida Bracelets, I applied to be a sales representative. When I first applied, I heard nothing back for months. However, because I’m the person to strive and never give up on my interests, I applied one more time about a month ago. A few days ago, I received an email saying that I made the cut! YAY! I can now support and advertise PV by promoting my personal code for customers! I’m so excited for this new journey. And who knows, maybe this will spark a future career interest!

Code: ASANTIAGO10 for 10% off at checkout.

Take chances. Find your passion.

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A Language of My Own

ISA Study Abroad Student Blog

Jillian Morneau is a student at the Stevens Institute of Technology and an ISA Featured Blogger. She studied with ISA in Lille, France.


After being in Lille for 2 weeks, I feel like I have a good grasp on life here. I know Lille definitely doesn’t have the name recognition of Paris, but it hands down is my favorite French city. When I was younger I always dreamed of living in Paris, and I think I still might, but Lille feels like home.


Being a sixth burrow of New York City dweller, I understand what it takes to live in a fast paced world, but Lille is very calm. It has a sense of community that big cities can’t compete with, but at the same time it has everything a big city has to offer. Shopping, museums and parks–Lille has it all. I don’t feel like Lille lacks anything. It…

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A Language of My Own

What I learnt playing rugby for the first time…

These Girls Do

Kate & I went on a little jolly last weekend – to Brighton! The girls we play touch with had been flirting with the idea of getting together a 15s team, but quickly realised that finding more than about 10 girls from work to actually play was going to be a tough ask. So it got downsized.. And yours truly, when asked if she wanted to play, responded with a ‘maybe’ which was understood to mean yes. Immediately followed by “AAAAAH OMGOMGOMG I HAVE NEVER PLAYED CONTACT I AM GOING TO BREAK EVERY BONE IN MY BODY AND DIE”.

So yah, there was a lot of panic. However (as you will soon find out), I was basically massively over-reacting and I’d love to try and persuade other girls that it isn’t anywhere near as terrifying as you think it might be. This weekend was the culmination of 2 weeks of stressful events – my…

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10 complaints I have about sun in the UK

These Girls Do

If you are in London, you will have noticed that everyone is going cray cray over the weather. Because we can’t handle sun in the UK. I’ve had a think about why it’s great, but also the problems I am currently encountering….(i.e. MANY)

1. Racer back tan lines. Or cyclist tan lines. I seem to get the majority of my tan when I am doing outdoor activities. This means it is a combination of racer back, sports bras and cyclist jerseys. Meaning I can NEVER wear strapless dresses without having to fill in the gaps with some stripy fake tan. Cycling glove lines are a firm favourite!

2. The tube is too hot. Yesterday I did ONE STOP from Southfields to East Putney and I literally could feel myself melting. Sorry if it’s TMI, but I felt like I was leaving the gym. Whilst squashed with 25 other people also…

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10 complaints I have about sun in the UK

It’s Now a Single-Spaced World

Live to Write - Write to Live

Show of hands. Who learned to type on a typewriter?

TypewriterNow keep your hand up if you double space between sentences.

Wow. Quite a few of you!

I hope this news isn’t a surprise, but double spacing is virtually no more when writing for publication. A single space is all that is needed / required between sentences for most style guides and a majority of publishers.

If you’re publishing your own blog and your own e-books you may retain the double spacing between sentences as a personal preference. But if you’re submitting for publication, a single space is all that’s needed in most cases.

*I’m saying most cases because the American Press (AP) Stylebook did call for the single space, but have gone back to the double space.

Programmers and anyone coding in HTML (for instance) on their blogs, know that it’s an effort to make a double space. Everything defaults to…

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It’s Now a Single-Spaced World


On June 26th, 2015, the divided Suprme Court finally decided to allow same-sex marriage for the United States. I can honestly say that I was so excited when I heard the news. Years of fighting for equal rights have paid off for so many people! No matter what one’s sexual orientation is, every human deserves the right to be treated equally. The few friends and family I have that are gay are actually some of the most influential people I’ve ever met. One’s sexual orientation is a personal choice, and it doesn’t make them any different from everyone else. We all work, go out, travel, and have fun.  Many issues about this dealt with religion, but at PRIDE CHICAGO, many of the organizations involved were in fact churches! Legalizing same-sex marriage, in my opinion, is a turning point for America. 

Chicago’s 46th annual Pride Parade was yesterday (Sunday), and apparently it was the best one in years. For my first time going, I had an AMAZING time. Streets were filled with excitement! All I saw were people screaming, chanting, singing, smiling, and just having a great time. I’ve never experienced such a positive environment, and it made me so glad to be a part of my community. I appreciate what I have around me. 

I wish I took more photos, but I was having too much fun catching beads and dancing! 


14-Day Skinny Teatox

A few months ago, I took the initiative to try detoxing. I’ve always been athletic and curious about the things that can transform one’s body. Detoxing was never something I wanted to actually try until I saw an ad on Facebook on my Amtrak ride heading home for Spring Break. I was next to a best friend of mine, and we began a long conversation about health; we eventually came up with the idea to try the Skinny Teatox together (http://skinny-teatox.com). I honestly hesitated to purchase the 14-Day package, but something told me to go for it. For days I talked about Skinny Teatox to friends. I was anxious! Once I received an email from my dorm community center saying a package came in, I was even more excited. The next morning I started my 14-Day journey, and I’m glad to say I enjoyed it. I started noticing changes in my body about 5-7 days after my first day. Even though it was 14 days, I did make a difference and gave me a positive feeling about myself. In a month I’ll be going on family vacation to Puerto Rico, so I plan to do another 14-day journey with Skinny Teatox (I hope I win the contest!)

Quote of the day (missing my Russian class): Важно не то, как долго ты прожил, а как хорошо жил. (How well you live makes a difference, not how long.)

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14-Day Skinny Teatox